02/11/2020Our Swedish friends are making the quartet full. Jan Nordlindh comes to Nordhorn with the recommendation "winner consolation round world championchips 2019".
02/11/2020In a meeting lasting several hours, the organising committee goes through the tournament in theory, plans the final preparations and again defines responsibilities! Tenor: We are already very far!
02/10/2020Announcement in the double pack and for the mixed competition: Margarete Gursch and Jürgen Brandenstein compete in the GO!
02/10/2020The musical part of the opening ceremony will be created by Lea. She will sing "I love ping pong" and will be accompanied on the guitar by the composer himself, Nenad Bach!
02/09/2020A weekend with several announcements comes to an end. Mark Müller, Christopher Toetz and Rainer Grybowski want to start in Nordhorn!
02/07/2020We told you, we love the Swedes! Maria Wäneskog and Erik Astrand sign up for the German Open today. Erik was defeated in the World Cup quarter finals by the later World Champion Holger Teppe. Maria stood on the podium as bronze medalist in the World Cup doubles.
02/06/2020Vi älskar Sverige! Stefan Kling is the first Swede to register, so that this country, known as a table tennis stronghold, is also represented!
02/06/2020They promise authentic music and will provide a great atmosphere on Saturday evening. The Taborak Brothers could be engaged.
02/01/2020The world class table tennis player Branka Batinic supports the German Open 2020! Even ITTF president Thomas Weikert thinks that's good! Thanks a lot!
01/31/2020Commitment at an important point: Association referee Werner Meer from SV Union Lohne acts as head referee on both tournament days.
01/30/2020The starting numbers have arrived.
01/26/2020Today's registration of World Championship medal winner Lars Bo Kaspersen from Bronshoj in Denmark promises not only strong table tennis! Nordhorn can look forward to an entertaining and charismatic guy!
Registration from the Frankfurt base! Theodor Merkl is at the start in Nordhorn.
12/30/219With Jens Greve another participant of the Team Germany of the World Championships 2019 in New York registers today.
12/26/2019With Roberto Morand from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, the tournament not only has its first international entry, but certainly also the participation of one of the favourites. Roberto is the bronze medal winner of the World Championships in New York 2019.
12/26/2019Another Andreas, and what a guy! Member of Team Germany of the World Championships 2019, known as Terminal One, Andreas Arndt from Neumünster starts in Nordhorn!
12/26/2020Andreas Christen, active table tennis player and engaged in the PPP base Frankfurt, announces for the GO 2020!


Norbert Hase, an eternal table tennis player and manager of the base in Varel, which is under construction, is also participating!
12"/26/2019The first registrations were not long in coming! Christoph De Martin and Jörg Ziaja from the PPP-base Dortmund are registering today!
12/26/2019 Harry Wissler has activated the online entry today! And registered immediately!